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想隻道的是訂票後拿的是電子機票對嗎, 到時在機場取票就OK了對不對 謝謝

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    What Travel Documents should I expect to prepare for my trip?

    要旅行前需要 什麼旅行文件?

    Travel Document e-mail


    Within 24 hours of making your travel purchase with CheapTickets , we'll send you an e-mail that will supply valuable information you will need for your trip.


    This Travel Document details your flight(s) and ticket number(s) and confirms the price quoted for the flight itinerary you reserved.

    這份旅行文件有 飛機的航程, 機票號碼 和 你所訂的機票的報價 和 你所預約旅行計劃.

    Please note that the Travel Document is only sent for an air booking. If you book a car or hotel, you'll receive an e-mail called "Reservation Confirmation".

    請確認旅行文件只有訂機票訂單而已,如果你有租車or訂旅館,你將會收到一份"Reservation Confirmation".

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    是的,現在網上訂票大部份拿的是電子機票,訂完票時把最後一張confirmation letter印出來,到機場check in counter把你的名字與證件給櫃台就可以了,他們會印出你的boarding pass給你,你就可以搭飛機囉!!

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