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我想請問什麼是"inside joke"?

我在聽歌的時候...發現一個生詞"inside joke"

就是這首歌→Vanessa Carlton的White Houses

請問"inside joke"是什麼意思?

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    inside joke 就是指流傳在一個特定團體中的笑話,不是這個團體的人就不知道.

    像是家人或家族間鬧的笑話,使你一聽到那個字眼或東西(例如,鐵鎚)就覺得好笑,別人會覺得你很莫名奇妙,無緣無故的有什麼好笑,其實是他們不懂,這就是一個只有你們家的人才懂的 inside joke.

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    inside joke1. in a film, an obscure, show-biz related joke that is understood (or realized) only by those who know the reference (outside the context of the film)在一部電影,一個含糊難懂,娛樂性行業有關的笑話裡, 那被理解只透過知道參考(在電影的上下文外邊)的那些人(或者意識到) 2.An in joke is a joke whose humour is clear only to those people who are in a group that has some prior knowledge (not known by the whole population) that makes the joke humorous. Also called an inside joke.

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