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一本叫做Longman Dictionary of English Labguage and Culture

另一本叫Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

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    DCE以一般用途為主,字彙收錄較廣,多達20萬7000字,對廣泛閱讀的高階讀者較適合。而DELC顧名思義就是著重對於語言和文化的部分,會有較多的著墨。字彙量約8萬字,但有關文化、歷史、政治、電影甚至通俗文化有多達15,000條的名詞解釋,如果對西方文化較陌生的讀者,這本字典自然能提供較DEC更詳細的參考內容,因為它有小型百科的功能。所以一個見廣,一個見詳,如何取捨,端看學習和用途之需要。以初接觸英文和西方文化的中大學生而言,DELC應該較適合,別看80,000的字彙,對求學階段的英文而言足矣。若是已出社會,但使用英文頻繁且涉及領域廣泛的人,我會建議DCE。以下有關兩本字典的特色介紹,請自行參考:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishl155,000 natural examples bring English to lifelBritish and American pronunciations of headwords, including people and place nameslNEW 88,000 spoken example sentences pronounced on the CD-ROMl1 million additional sentences from books and newspapersl3000 most frequent words in spoken and written English highlightedl4000 new words and meaningsReading and Writing solutionsl207,000 words, phrases and meanings – including free encyclopedia on CD-ROMlNEW Longman Writing Assistant – write correct English first time, every timelChoose the right word with Longman Language Activator® free on the CD-ROMlLongman Phrase Bank – 220,000 word combinations – free on CD-ROMlNEW Collocation and Word Focus boxeslNEW Over 1000 listening exercises as well as extensive exam practice for FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS & TOEIC Longman Dictionary of English Language and CultureLanguagel80,000 words and phrases, including new words such as webcam and WMDlClear definitions written using only 2000 common words Culturel15,000 cultural entries on politics, history, the arts, cinema, popular culture, history, and geography – from the Atkins Diet to the Gherkin, the iPod to 9/11, David Beckham to Martha StewartlCultural, historical, and political notes, including Bank Holiday, CCTV, Ivy League, Oxbridge and ThanksgivinglCulture pages and topic pages with colour photos on Festivals, Governments, British and American Works of Art, Sports etc

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