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    Lesson Six

    Recycling: An Answer to the Garbage Problem

    In Taiwan, garbage is a big problem. Over 14,000 tons of garbage are collected

    each day. That means each person in Taiwan produces more than one kilogram of

    garbage a day. What's more , this does not include the waste produced by industries,

    which is another 11 million tons each year.

    where does all this garbage go? Much of it is buried under the ground in

    landfills. But the landfills in Taiwan are quickly filling up, and it is diffcult to

    build new ones because there is not enough land. Many people also do not want

    landfills in their neighborhoods, As a result, more than half of the towns in Taiwan

    now have no place to dump their garbage.

    So what can we do with all the garbage?

    One answer is to recycle it . In fact, more than 40percent of the garbage in

    Taiwan could be reused. Plastic bottles, cans, glass, newspapers, clothes, batteries

    even old TVs and cars are just a few of the things that can be recycled.

    Many cities in America. Europe, and Japan have made recycling a top

    priority. Some of these places even have laws to make people separate their

    garbage. For example, they must put newspapers in one bag, plastic bottles in

    another, and metal products in still another. Garbage trucks then pick up the bags

    and take them to a recycling center. Other cities may not have such laws, but hey

    have special recycling containers in each neighborhood. Often there is one container

    for glass, one for paper, and one for cans.

    The cities with the best recycling programs have discovered that two things are

    necessary for success. First, the program must be simple and convenient. For

    example, recycling containers should be placed on almost every street corner, and

    they should be clearly marked Second, the government must educate people about

    the importance of recycling. For instance, it can run television commercials and put

    up posters emphasizing that each person must help to keep the garbage separated.

    Separating garbage may be troublesome , but it is import. More and more

    people around the world are beginning to understand this , and they are helping to

    fight the garbage problem. As a result, they are making their cities cleaner and more


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