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Mona Lisa?????????????????????

英文不是先名後姓嗎?如:David Wang,那為什麼Mona Lisa的Lisa是放在後面?還是她姓Lisa,不解~~~~~~~~~~

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    The Mona Lisa is an oil painting on poplar wood by the famous Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. The title Mona Lisa means "Madam Lisa". It stems from Vasari's identification of the sitter as the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a wealthy Florentine businessman. Her name is known to have been Lisa. The alternative title La Gioconda is the feminine form of Giocondo. Coincidentally, in Italian giocondo means 'light-hearted' ('jocund' in English), so "gioconda" means "light hearted woman". Because of her smile, this version of the title plays on this double-meaning, as in the French "La Joconde".

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    那好像不是英文 是源自某種外文(我忘記了)


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