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西貢小姐 i still believe

請問有沒有人知道"西貢小姐 i still believe"的歌詞?能不能給我,如果有檔案能提供的話更好 謝謝

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    I Still Believe 歌詞如下KIMLast night I watched him sleepingMy body pressed to himAnd then he started speakingThe name I heard him speak...was KimYes I know that this was years agoBut when moonlight fills my room I knowYou are here...stillI stillI still believe You will returnI know you willMy heart Against all oddsHolds stillYes, stillI still believeI know as long as I can keep believingI'll liveI'll liveLove cannot dieYou will will returnAnd I alone know whyELLENLast night I watched you sleepingOnce more the nightmare cameI heard you cry out somethingA word that sounded like...a nameAnd it hurts me more than I can bearKnowing part of you I'll never shareNever knowBut stillI still believeThe time will come When nothing keeps us apartMy heart, forever moreHolds stillIt's all over, I'm hereThere is nothing to fearChris, what's haunting you?Won't you let me insideWhat you so want to hide?I need you too!KIM For stillELLENI will hold you all nightI will make it all rightKIMI still believeELLENYou are safe with meKIMAs long as IELLENBut I wish you would tellwhat you don't want to tellKIMCan keep believing, I'll liveELLENWhat your hell must beKIMI'll liveELLENYou can sleep nowKIMYou will returnELLENYou can cry nowKIMAnd I know whyELLENI'm your wife nowKIMI'm yoursELLENFor lifeKIM & ELLENUntil we die

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