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英文作文題目是my favorite ......

拜託!誰能幫我英作題目是my favorite ......

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    My favorite season

    There are four season. Spring, summer, fall, winter.

    In spring, the weather is very good. It's not so hot and not so cold. I can go anywhere that I want. The weather in summer is very hot. But I can go to the beach to swim. And I can eat ice cream corn. Wow, it's very cool! In fall, the leaves are so beautiful. And it's not very hot, but it's a little bit cold. And the last season, winter. It's very very cold in winter. I need to wear a lot of shirt. I think it's very bad!

    So, I love summer a lot. Because I can play a lot and have fun. I can also have summer vacation in this season. I can don't go to the school in this season. Wow!It's so great!


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    ...........come on, at least give some infor~~~

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    My Favorite Car

    Of all the cars in the history of man. The BMW E34 M5 would always be my favorite car. Why is it my favorite car? The BMW E34 M5 was completely hand made. Unlike the later models of BMW M5 like E39 amd E60 which were made by machine on the assembly line, the E34 M5 was completely assembled by hand. Meaning that everything was assembled with most delicacy and precision. Although the M5 may not be the fastest sedan in the car history, but it was one of the pionners of many sports car, high performance sedan and luxury car. The M5 not only is a powerful sport car that can easily go to 300km/hr and up, it is also a very comfortable luxury car. Although it's a high tech complicated car, the interior was designed as simple as possible. In this case, the driver wouldn't be intimidated by a complicated dashboard and controls, but instead the driver can simply focus and enjoy driving. BMW E34 M5 is a pure high performance sedan that gives the driver once again the real pleasure of driving. This is why my favorite car is the BMW M5 E34.

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    自己寫呀~ 寫一些你的最愛咩...

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