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    We went to visit visiting in the temple of neutralization today, where to begin to visit then study one and visit and visit wanting, later, the lot by throwing the cup , must throw three Holy grails while asking one and signing , but I have no method to throw three Holy grails in succession , after throwing a lot times, at last, success making one's wish fulfilled was smoked to I wanted that sign

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    擲聖杯........they dont have that lo~ = =

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    中和市 正確英文拼法是

    Jhonghe City!


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    We went to moderate today of religious festival in the temple, then the learning way religious festival wanted from which place start doing obeisance, after also needed to use to toss a cup to draw lots, begged a label and have to toss three Sangreals each time, but I can't tossed to three Sangreals continuously, tossing a lot of time hereafter, finally, have the wish fulfilled of take out successfully to want to me of that label .

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  • 冠諺
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    Today we have gone center and in the temple breaks off a relationship,

    which place then studies the road to break off a relationship to have

    to start from to do obeisance, afterwards, but also must use to throw

    the cup to draw lots, every time asks a bamboo slip to have to have to

    throw three 聖杯, but I actually do not have the means continuously

    to throw to three 聖杯, has thrown after very many orders, finally,

    achieves wishes the success pulls out that which wants to me only to


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