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Anything is possible.還是Everything is possible.??



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    Anything is possible.

    我朋友(加拿大人)說幾乎沒有人在用"Everything is possible."

    既然他是native english speaker,見議你還是用

    "Anything is possible."



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    I beg to differ.

    The phrase "Everything is possible." is a ridiculous statement that would only be said by someone who was looking to patronize the victim of "something unpleasant". Seeing as the rules of physics tell us that everything is in fact not possible, saying this to the aforementioned victim would only aggravate his/her already miserable condition.

    Either that, or the so called friend that was trying to comfort our bereaved subject is a complete and utter imbecile.

    Not only for reference, but also good on toast. : )

    Source(s): a canadian friend
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    1. When we're talking about a difficult works or hard task ahead, people might encourage others by saying " Nothing is impossible, just go for it!" ... etc., which it's not yet been done, so we can push it harder to make it possible! "

    2. When we're expecting a results or something unpleasant might happen (already done), we might said "Everything is possible" to comfort someone to be easy with it.

    3. When we're talking about decisions need to be made or solution to be choose, we might also said, "Everything is possible", leaving rooms for ourselves, in case we might change our mind.

    For reference only...

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  • 2 decades ago


    Everything is possible



    Nothing is impossible.


    Source(s): 個人小小的想法︿ ︿"
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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    任何事都有可能用 Nothing is impossible. 更好.雙重否定更能強調你要闡述的事.

    Source(s): meself
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    2 decades ago

    以我的經驗是這一個比較好吧Everything is possible

    Source(s): me
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