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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


像 a school of fish/a crowd of people/ a flock of birds 之類的...



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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago
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    a block of flasts 一棟公寓

    a bunch of grapes 一串葡萄

    a comb of bananas 一串香蕉

    a fleet of ships 一支船隊

    a herd of cattle 一群牛

    a gaggle of geese 一群鵝

    a litter of cubs 一窩幼獅

    a pack of wolves 一群狼

    a brood of chickens 一窩小雞

    a set of stamps 一套郵票

    a stud of horses 一匹馬

    a swarm of bees 一群蜜蜂

    a troupe of actors 一堆演員

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