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電影業的 ”口碑場”




sounds like a "sneak preview"??????

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    Favorite Answer means "word of mouth"The theaters show the 口碑場 for people who are into becoming the first to watch the movie, hoping that a swarm of audience could be a free promotion for the movie.  Dring the "口碑場" period, lots of news reporters, hopefully, would come and write about how great the movie is, and what a loss it would be for those who haven't seen it.  The people could tell their friends how interesting the movie is and a thousand reasons for them to see.  (I hope it's not the other way around.)  In a nutshell, it's just a method of promotion to draw more people to the theaters and consume more.The tickets would not be cheaper; the movie is the very same one whether you go to 口碑場 or not.  The only difference is that you know the ending of a movie faster than the rest of others if you go to one of those 口碑場.----補充-----Well, sort of like that, but the movie will still be on no matter what the reactions are.sneak preview    1. A single public showing of a movie before its general release.   2. A preview to test audience reactions. preview 指的應該是那些給專業影評或者是導演 演員等比較專業的人員 觀看的 一般大眾是無法入場的 這和口碑場應該是不同的東西喔Film Previews provide a vehicle for the public to view a film before it is generally released for viewing in movie theaters. Film previews usually have three elements.Film — Before it is available in movie theaters. Moderator — Effective moderators are film industry experts and perform three basic functions. Select a wide variety of foreign, independent and studio films encompassing all genres Introduce the films Lead the discussion and Q & A after the film Guests — Someone associated with the film to participate in an interview and the question and answer session after the film is viewed. Directors, producers, screenwriters, cinematographers and cast members are possible participants.

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    嚴格一點可稱"film Preview"

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