busy 後到底怎分辨後要加with 或at呢?

如同題目 busy 後到底怎分辨後要加with 或at呢?


但這題 When I called Kim last night,he was busy_some imoprtant things.  A in B at Con Dwith 康軒麻辣國3第50頁

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    根據牛津英英/英漢辭典 157頁busy with/at/over 都可以加名詞在後面, 意思相同.例句: He was busy with/at/over his work. 他忙於工作.busy (in) + Ving 正忙於...He was busy (in) getting ready for his journey. 他忙於準備旅行.

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    現在小學課本有很多錯誤~~~ 查字典, 老師就沒話說.

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    是busy at work不是busy at working

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    通常busy with的後面是放名詞...


    I'm busy with my work...

    busy at 則是放動詞


    I'm busy at working...

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    busy at work & busy at working都可以啦...



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    busy + with -->是指忙碌於什麼"事情" ex: I am busy with this project.

    busy + at -->是指在"哪裡" 忙碌(地點) ex: I am busy at the office.

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    似乎無差別She is busy with/at her homework.

    Source(s): oxford advanced dictionary
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