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舊金山的Redwood city在哪裡?怎麼走比較好?


邀請函上地址是:200 Redwood Shore Parkway.Redwood City,California.


他有附一個網址 www.pacclub.com




To:chijung huang:謝謝你.我記下來了!想請問你如果我住在舊金山市中心.開車到那邊大概要多久?

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    where are you coming from?

    Take 101 south (from San Francisco) or north (from San Jose).If you are coming from the North, take Holly street in San Carlos and left onto Redwood Shore Parkway. Coming from south just follow the exit and right.

    It's located in Pennisla between San Jose and San Francisco. You'll pass Orcle buildind in belmont if coming from the north and will see Aviation Museum in San Carlos from the south.

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    I would say about 45 minutes from downtown SF but it all depends on where you are in the city

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