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故事的後半段是描述一位孤苦無依的老人與一位小男孩在一起捕魚,但過了八十四天了,卻半隻魚也捕不到, 令老人非常感傷,在小男孩父母親的堅持下離開了老人,而小男孩非常不願意,他與老人的感情甚好,八十四天來兩人互相照料。而小男孩離開一星期後就捕到三條大魚,每次看到老人划著空空的船回來,他的心裡感到萬分難過,他們常常一起討論棒球,支持自己喜愛的球隊,每天都很快樂。離開了身邊的男孩,老人一個人在汪洋的大海中,獨自生存,他的雙手因拖著沉重的大魚,已經受了許多傷。不知怎麼回事,老人全身上下都是古老的,只有眼睛閃耀晶瑩的光芒,有種快樂與倔強。

在海中,飛魚是他的朋友,他總是拿船上一點點的鮪魚肉餵他們 ,飛魚也似乎很喜歡老人,常在船邊跳來跳去。老人每天都要跟魚搏鬥,手的傷也日益嚴重,他跟魚搏鬥的時候,有種不懈的精神。或許是太寂寞的關係,常常一個人自言自語,對著飛魚也對著搏鬥的魚。老人好幾次遇上了鯊魚,就拿著刀棍打他們,差一點被鯊魚給活吞了,但老人從不鬆懈,儘管手的劇痛在侵襲著他,他也不輕言放棄,直到鯊魚死掉。




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    The story after demi-section is describes the old person which

    wretched not depends on with a young boy to catch fish together, but

    84 day,Actually half fish also does not catch, makes the old person to be

    extremely sad, in the young boy parents under persisted left the old

    person, but the young boy extremely does not want, he with old

    person's sentiment very good, 84 days come two people mutually to look

    after. But after the young boy leaves a week Capture to three big fish,

    each time saw the old person delimits the empty ship to come back,In his heart felt extremely feels bad, they frequently together

    discuss the baseball, supports team which oneself likes, very is every

    day joyful. Left the side boy, an old person person in the vast sea,

    alone survives, his both hands because tow the heavy big fish, has

    already received many wounds. Did not know how a matter, whole body

    old person all is ancient, only has the eye to sparkle the crystal

    clear ray, has plants joyful and is stubborn。

    In the sea, the flying fish is his friend, he always takes on the ship

    a spot fish flesh to feed them, the flying fish also as if

    very much likes the old person, often Jumps nearby the ship.

    The old person must with the fish fight, the hand wound day by day be

    also serious every day, he fights with the fish, has plants the

    unremitting spirit. Perhaps is the too lonely relations, frequently a

    person thought aloud, to flying fish also to fight fish. The old

    person quite several time has met the shark, takes the knife to club

    them, for exactly has been almost swallowed by the shark, but the old

    person is not ever lax, although the hand severe pain in attack him,

    his also heavy word is giving up, dies until the shark。

    Hemingway, the old person, the little girls all have the spirit which

    endures does not pull out, always enjoys, but this kind of spirit is I

    no, looked this book, I suddenly thought the life very is really

    valuable, must need attentively to feel the life brightness, also only

    has so, our vitality can have the radiant crystallization。

    The old person once had said a speech, I extremely like - - "the

    person being allowed to destroy, may not be defeated", this speech

    also with "may kill to the gentleman, cannot the shame", except endure

    does not pull out also must have to have the spirit。

    If present social everybody all can like him to be same, that

    unemployment population could not that many, this story be able to let

    us learn "has the wise mattear unexpectedly to become" but in a our

    country Chinese 11th class royal crown youth time also to have has

    studied this speech, only had everybody to have the perseverance,

    everybody has the will, the hard pestle also can grind to the

    embroidery needle。

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