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我想知道 repair 跟 fix 的差別在哪裡?

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當中文意思同樣都是當作 < 修理 > 的時候,我想知道一下 < repair > 跟 < fix > 這兩個字,有什麼不一樣的地方?

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    如果解釋成{修理},語意應該是一樣的fix--- to repair or correct sth: to mend, repair, or put in a proper state or good orderThe car won't start—can you fix it?  I've fixed the --- to mend sth that is broken, damaged or torn: to repair a car / roof / road / television  It's almost 15 years old. It isn't worth having it repaired.  The human body has an amazing capacity to repair itself 

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    repair 是修理物件fix 除了是修理物件外,還有修理抽象的東西例如:fix the problem (解決問題),I'll fix him.(我要收拾/懲罰他)

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    三號 和五號候選人比較完整!

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    repair , fix ,mend mean the same and U can use any of them in most situations.三者通用ex we had to pay someone to repair/fix/mend the roof.fix is more informal than the other two, and is used especially about repairing cars,machine.fix稍微不正式,多用在修車,修機器

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    repair 是指修理(壞掉的東西) 還有修補的意思

    fix 的用法就更多了 除了當修理東西外, 還有

    可以是指固定東西, 安排或決定某事, 注視某物或專心於某事




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    The roof should be repaired soon.

    He had his car repaired yesterday.


    We are going to have the TV fixed.

    I had my tape recorder fixed last night.

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