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    Hey! coco

    Is what you crossed recently good? ? Though I am not in the original school. But I will miss you.

    What I crossed recently is very good. Often go out to play. Though it is in you in day I a little the lonely. But there is not the Northwest. I tell you oh. I participate in the competition to notify the award. Cheer on inflating for me. Remembers the time that we stay together. Can't help smiling secretly. As you saw this letter. The one that should remember is back to I oh. Wait for you come back we is it is it play with to go together to take. OK




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    Hi! Coco you recently crossed well? ? Although I already not in

    originally school But I can think you My recently crossed am very

    good Frequently exits plays Although you not in the day I am a

    little lonely But does not have Guanxi I tell you oh I have attend

    the competition not to know can not be able to result in rewards

    Refuels for me inflates Remembers us in the together time Bears

    steals smiles When you read this letter Must record returns to me oh

    Waits for you to come back us to have to play together Good

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    Hi! cocoHow are you recently? Although I am not in the former school, I do miss you much . I am pretty fine lately, hanging around a lot. I feel a bit lonely without you, but nevermind. You know, I have taken part in a competition,and I wonder if I may get a prize, please cheer me on. I burstinto giggles whenever I recall the memory of our time. Please reply after reading the mail. We will have fun together when you're back, won't we?

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    Hi Coco,

    How you doing lately? Even though I'm not studying in my current school anymore, I still miss you a lot. I'm doing pretty well recently, and I go out and have fun pretty often. I feel lonely without you these days, but it's fine with me. Tell you something interesting, I participated in the competition, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna win the prize, cheer for me would you? As I think back into the past when we had our fun times together, I really wanna laugh, because it's really funny. When you see this letter, remember to reply me yeah? When you come back, let's go out and have fun together right?

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    第一個回答是用翻譯網站吧? 怎麼翻得亂七八糟的 = ="

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    You lead recently of good??Although I have already been not at original school.But I will miss yours.

    I lead recently of very good.Usually go out to play.Although you are not at of my trifle loneliness of the day.However did not close the west.I tell you.I have and can win a prize to attending the game and doing not know.Encourage to inflate for me.The time that remind of us together.Cannot help but stealing to smile.When you see this believe.To record of return me.Wait for you back we want to play together ok

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