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Word Bank(20個)


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    以下兩篇,敬請參考。請注意顏色與符號標示。Word Bank Phrase [ Excellent Sentence ]第一篇:       Some students are found to perform significantly better than their classmates in examinations. [  In addition to their potential intelligence, there are some factors that might contribute to this phenomenon. ]    有的學生被發現在考試中,表現得比同學顯著出色。除了他們自身的潛能之外,這個現象還有一些主要的因素。      First, these students might have acquired with some learning strategies that assist them in scheduling their study plan.  Second, they usually know the best solution to a problem lies in the piled treasure in the library.  [ Whenever they feel puzzled by anything in their textbooks, they will spontaneously go to the library for help. ]  Third, if they find it impossible to acquire an answer from books, they may ask their teachers for help.  [ This is especially beneficial for during the process of their discussion, their doubts might be cleared out through the mutual dialog. ]    首先,這些學生可能學到了些可以幫助規劃課業的學習策略。其次,他們知道圖書館裡面,有成堆的寶藏,裡面就藏著問題的答案。任何時候他們對課本有困惑之處,他們會自動到圖書館求助。第三,要是他們覺得很難從書上獲取答案時,就會向老師求助。這一點特別有用,因為在討論過程中,他們的問題可以透過雙邊討論而獲得釐清。      [ Last but not the least, it is often found that these so-called geniuses are often filled with curiosity.  ] They have an unlimited source of desire to find answers to their doubts.  [ This inner motivation, as I believe, might be what trigger their potential and thus contribute to their excellent academic performance. ]    最後還一點重要的是,經常可以發現,這些天才學生身上充滿了好奇心。他們有無窮盡的慾望想要找出疑惑的解決之道。這種內在的動機,我相信,可能就是他們優秀的課業表現的動力。第二篇:          I live in Taipei.  [ There are many beautiful places to visit in this fantastic city. ]  Among them, Yangmingshan is the most popular with citizens.  On almost every weekend, especially in early springtime, countless visitors rush to this charming mountain.   [ They all look forward to the appreciation of flowers blossoming throughout the whole valley.  ]          Another famous scenic spot of this modern city is Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.  Built in the early 1980's, the garden-like square of this memorial hall offers citizens a precious escape from the hodge-podge of busy city life.  [ Lush trees and bushes grow abundantly and visitors gather around two big ponds where schools of fish can be found swimming sluggishly. ]  [ Life there seems to come to a standstill. ]  It has ever since become a spiritual landmark for those who need a tomporary release of emotions.          In Taipei City, there are many more scenic spots like the two mentioned above.  [ With their accompany, the souls of modern citizens feel no longer vacant and Taipei is much more than a big city! ]以上篇章係本文作者原創,敬請參考。ⓒ2005- 若片面刪除本文,則喪失本文使用權 

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    直接上網找就一堆了阿 或你直接找英文雜誌 什麼都有

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