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        請幫我用英文回答以下問題        謝謝喔a. What are QoS objectives?b. In what units is transmission speed measured?c. Give the names and abbreviations for speeds in increasing factors of 1,000.d. Is speed measured as bits per second or byte per second?e. Distinguish between speed and throughput.f. Distinguish between individual and aggregate throughput.g. What is latency?h. What causes latency?i . In what units is latency measured?j. What is response time?k. What is availability?l. What is downtime?m. In what units is the error rate usually measured?

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    a Transmission speed, congestion, throughput, latency, response, availability, and error rate

    b Transmission speed is measured in bits per second (bps)

    c Kilobits per second (kbps3), megabits per second (Mbps), gigabits per second (Gbps), and terabits per second (Tbps)

    d Bit per second

    e Throughput-the speed that users actually see Speed-a measurement unit

    f Individual throughput a single user receives is much less than aggregate throughput on shared links

    g During periods of congestion, packets may be delayed by several milliseconds (ms)

    h Delay

    i Milliseconds (ms)

    j This is the time it takes the user to get a response when he or she gives a command

    k The percentage of time a network can be used

    L Downtime is simply intolerable if it goes on for more than a few minutes

    m Measured by the percentage of messages that are lost or damaged

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