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3.一轉眼就過了暑假,又要開始進入重要的課程了。我到補習班去試聽英文。現在的英文變的好難喔!有一堆 的文法,真討厭!可是又想到英文是各國語言都流通的,所以就一定要拼命的把英文學會才可以。

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    1.The summer of this year is very hot, I go to the outskirts to take a walk.The sun insolates of make me overwhelmed with work.Many dragonfly butterflies all come out to dance in the wind.Put the summer vacation now seldom, can let me come out the outside to be relax, be laid aside all all agonies of this year.

    2.Today I go to the seaside to play the water, dune the person is a lot of, the peddler is also many, the most suitable matched to play the water in the seaside under this kind of weather.The gentle breeze blows lightly, the sea water touches again the ice is again cool, making the person feeling very comfortable.

    3.Led the summer vacation in a moment, and then to start into the curriculum of importance.I go to the cram school to try to hear English.English of now changes very difficult oh!Have a heap grammars, really dislike!Thinks of again however English is all countries languageses to all circulate of, so must try very hard to of master English just can.

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