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誰可以幫我翻譯成英文 送(20點喔!)

題目:A Trip to~ 海邊



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    A Trip to~ the seaside

    Today father brings the cousin to annoy the seaside to play with the me,younger sister,younger brother, because my father rents the work of the sandy beach car in the seaside, the few chance brings us to go out, today is really rare day.

    We all play of very happy,also very happy!But I am fast frightenned to death by younger sister, because she plays the mode of the sandy beach motorcycle too terrible!However did not relate to, happiness good, hope father of the next time is bringing us to go out to play.

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    A Trip to the beach

    Dad took my cousin, sister, bother and me to the beach today, it was a very fun day!! Dad has very few chace to take us out for holiday 'cos he works in the rental ATV shop on the beach. So, today was definite a cool day!!

    it was soooo much fun for each of us, we all had a good time! By the way, my sister scared me by the way she drove the ATV!! but it's ok, at least we all enjoyed in it!! I really hope my dad could take us out for holiday again soon.

    ps.如果尼最後打算移除問題,別忘了請先選最佳解答哦 ;-)

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