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這句話為何不用suffer from呢?

They suffered the ultimate humiliation of defeat by their oldest enemies.這句話為何只用suffer而不用suffer from呢?

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    suffer有vi也有vt的用法vt-- Our troopssuffered heavy losses.[遭逢,遇到倒楣痛苦]vi--Mary often suffers from severe headaches..[經常,持續遭逢,遇到,承受倒楣痛苦,深受其苦]

    Source(s): oxford word power
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    1. feel or have pain, loss 受苦, 受害, 受損失, 患病等

    ***suffer 作此意思解時, 通常當 vi. 使用, 也就是其後接 from, 再接受詞

    He suffered from poverty all his life.


    My father suffers from high blood pressure.


    They suffered a great deal in those days.


    2. experience, undergo (sth unpleasant) 經歷、遭受(不愉快之事)

    suffer defeat(失敗)/adversity(不幸)

    ***suffer 作此意思解時, 通常當 vt. 使用, 其後直接接受詞

    He suffered many humiliations before he became a football star.


    Source(s): Dr. eye/Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English
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