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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

little.small ~??



同樣是 "小" 但好像大不相同!!

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    1 decade ago
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    little ---1.small in size or amount   2.young   3. not much or enough1. 小的;小巧可愛的The little dog followed the boy everywhere.那條小狗到處都跟著那男孩。2. 短暫的[B]Let's rest a little while.讓我稍許休息一會兒。3. 幼小的He is too little to drive a car.他太小了,不能開車。4. 瑣碎的;微不足道的[B]I can't bother him with my little affairs.我不能以我的小事去麻煩他。5. 少,不多的We got little help from them.我們沒有從他們那兒得到什麼幫助。small -- 1. limited in size or amount when compared with what is typical    or average;2. being a very young child that is older than a baby1. 小的;小型的My bedroom is smaller than yours.我的臥室比你的小。2. 少的,少量的;幾乎沒有的He has small hope of getting the job.他沒什麼希望獲得那份工作。3. 細小的,瘦小的;幼小的Dave is a small man.戴夫長得瘦小。4. 低微的;不重要的He played a small part in the play.他在這齣戲裡演一個小角色。5. 小氣的;卑劣的;小心眼兒的It's small of him to act like that.他那樣做未免太小氣了。6. 輕微的;(聲音)低的She talked in a small voice with her boyfriend.她細聲細氣地跟她男友說話。

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    little 是指無形東西的小 比如:年紀


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