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豬弟 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請幫幫我~~~ 快要哭了-2

Atr. dear Mr. Wu.

Your second instalment moves me. and commands my sympathy. I am glad to see you on the side of the Ding an sich, which seems to me to follow. the moment we admit that the world is not a dream.

I do not quite see, however, that it is absurd to think that there could be a perception or a conception without something (i.e. something independent of the perceiver) which is perceived or conceived. Isn't ~hat what happens in a dream?

As I say~, I sympathize with your philosophic preocoupations, but I have some doubt whether you are not using some violence to bring them into immediate contact with the law. For instance, I am not sure that I know what you mean when you ask me if I don’t believe that the law is a monad. I am not sure that you are not attributing to the name a mystic entity distinct from the facts that we find among men. It strikes me' that you might get profit from Ehrlich's joziologie des Rechts, which I painfu1~.orked through with a dictionary some years ago and thought a great contribution.

It is odd that you should mention Spinoza as an influence upon me.

I have Just taken up his Ethics to reread and was writing to some one within a day or two that his view of the world. leaving his logic chopping. etc. on one side. commanded my sympathy more than any other in the past. Goethe outside of Faust I know but little. We are influenced by the past, however, in many ways that we don't know ourselves. Spinoza has had no conscious influence upon me - I haven't known him well enough but when I find ~self sympathizing with him, the probability of an influence, even if indirect, is great.

I like your rapture over the law. I only fear that it may be dimmed as you get into the actualities (in the sense of the hard side) of life. But ;lf, as I hope and as I hope and as what you writ ,indicates, you bear the fire in your belly it will, survive and transfigure the hard facts.

Sincerely yours,

o. W. Holmes.

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    1 decade ago
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    Atr。 親愛的 Wu 先生。

    你的第二就職移動我。 而且命令我的同情。 我高興見你在鐘聲的邊上 sich,這似乎我跟隨。 片刻我們承認世界不是一個夢。

    我沒相當見到,然而,荒謬的是認為沒有某事 (也就是 perceiver 的獨立東西)可能有知覺或者懷孕被感覺或構思。 不是~在一個夢中發生的帽子?

    當我說~, 我以你的哲學 preocoupations 同情,但是我有一些懷疑是否你沒有在使用一些暴力帶他們進入與法律的立即接觸。 舉例來說,我不確定,如果我不相信法律是一個單位,當你問我的時候,我知道你意謂的。 我不確定你沒有在歸於到名字一個神秘的實體清楚的從我們在男人之中發現的事實。 它攻擊我’你可能得到從 Ehrlich 的 joziologie des Rechts 有益於,我 painfu 1~.orked th

    它是奇數的你應該在我之上提到如影響力的 Spinoza。

    剛剛才著手進行他的道德規範重讀並且正在一天或二他的世界視野裡面寫到一些。 離開他的邏輯截斷。 在邊上的等等。命令了我的同情更多的超過任何的過去另外地。 在浮士德的外邊歌德我除了一點點之外知道。 我們在過去之前被影響,然而,以許多方式我們不知道我們自己。 Spinoza 沒有在我之上有有意識的影響力-我沒有認識他好的充足除了當我發現的時候之外~自己以他,影響力的可能性同情,即使 i

    我喜歡在法律上的你興高彩烈。 我只害怕當你進入生活的實在 (在某種意義上難的邊)的時候,它可能被暗淡。 但是;lf,當我希望之時而且當我希望和當做什麼你令狀,指出,你忍受你的腹的火它將,繼續生存而且使變形難的事實。


    o. W. 福爾摩斯

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have no idea what's this so-called answer talking about!

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  • 1 decade ago
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