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    這把Paisley Stratocaster吉他最早是在1972年問世(Telecaster則早Stratocaster 四年出產), James Burton (當時貓王的吉他手)在貓王的68' Comeback Special TV Show 讓這把Paisley花色Telecaster吉他出名, 這把Telecaster則在1969年停產(Stratocaster幾時停產我就不知道了), 但在1985年, Fender Japan 讓這把Paisley Stratocaster 從現江湖, 完全比照72年的Paisley Stratocaster製造, 而這把拍賣吉他是Fender Japan 在2003又重新生產的Stratocaster, 最大的改變為Headstock(吉他頭), 72年及85年的Stratocaster皆為70's Large Headstock, 但是在2003年卻改成小頭了.

    這把顏色這麼鮮豔的吉他加上傳統的pick-up應該就是適合60年代搖滾, 迷幻搖滾!!! 但不管怎樣, 它是一把經典吉他!!!


    Paisley Stratocaster

    MODEL NUMBER - 027-9102-(550)

    SERIES - Classic Series

    COLORS - (550) Pink Paisley, Paper under polyurethane finish

    BODY - Unlike the export MIJ Fenders which were almost exclusively basswood, this guitar features an alder body.

    NECK - Maple, C Shape, Polyurethane Finish

    MACHINE HEADS - Fender / Gotoh Vintage Style Tuning Machines (actual production models feature Fender vintage style)

    FINGERBOARD - Maple (7.25" Radius/184 mm)

    NO. OF FRETS - 21 Vintage Style Frets

    PICKUPS - 3 Vintage Style Strat Single-Coil Pickups

    CONTROLS - Master Volume, 1 Tone 1 (Neck Pickup), 1 Tone 2 (Middle Pickup)

    BRIDGE - Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo

    PICKUP SWITCHING - 5-Position Blade

    HARDWARE - All Chrome, vintage style (Last instruments on the run featured gold hardware).

    STRINGS - Fender Super Bullet 3250L, (.009 to .042)

    CASE - None

    PICKGUARD - Clear Lucite

    SCALE LENGTH - 25.5" (648mm)

    WIDTH AT NUT - 1.650" (42mm)

    OTHER UNIQUE FEATURES - Pink Paisley Finish!, Bullet Truss Rod Adjustment (production models abandoned this feature). Number of total instruments manufactured in the series: 200

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    這把看起來有點不像原廠做的 有點不敢建議你

    音色-這把的時音器 有點普通

    適合曲風 嚴格來說指適合搖滾 或是輕一點的音樂

    因該是十分不適合Hard Rock跟Metal

    搖座 你都看到她的搖座了 所以沒什麼好說的吧

    但假如你是玩混音搖滾類的 事還ok 但不是首選

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