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.....and has a face carved on it = ....and has a face which is carved on it

Q : 英文讀了幾年看過有些 which is 或 who is 還是 that is 怎麼好像可以省略呢?在那些句型是可以省略,在那些句型是不可以省略的?

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    這是 Adj clauese or Relative clauese 是在敘訴人事物時使用 可是當你再形容主詞跟受詞時有所不同 For example

    I saw the man. he closed the door. 換成Adj clauese是

    I saw the man( who or that )closed the door. 此時所形容的是MAN 而HE 是主詞所以可以使用Who or That


    I like the man. I meet him at a party last night.換成Adj clauese是

    I like the man( whom , that or 省略) I met at a patry last night. 而此時依然形容的是MAN 但是HIM 是受詞 所以你可以使用 Whom, that or 啥都不用

    而Which 也是一樣的 只是適用在事物上 for example

    The river is polluted. It flows through town. 將會變成

    The river {( which or that ) flows throught town} is polluted. 而主詞是IT所以用 which and that

    而受詞是 the books were expensive, I bought them

    the books {( which, that or 啥都不用 ) I bought } were expensive.


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