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    This year 12 years old, I extremely like playing the basketball, the badminton, my family member has six, respectively is: Grandfather, paternal grandmother, the daddy, mother, the younger sister and I, my grandfather speaks very is always funny, because he is the Zhejiang person, I am young he sometimes can tell some stories to listen to me, my paternal grandmother is every day very laborious, because he wants to wash clothes, to scratch, cooks a meal... My daddy has empties on with me under the Chinese chess, plays the badminton, my mother always every day works busily to very late only then comes back, but my younger sister, she sometimes always quarrels with me, because my year in which one was born as represented by an animal is the chicken she the year in which one was born as represented by an animal to be the dog, the proverb said: In chaotic situation, therefore we only then can quarrel. I also remembered I am young overturned in mother's room the thermos bottle thereupon I to cry to be very miserable, my this life most likes the animal was my family toot toot, it was a big turtle, I could put it on the place crawl. I go study when the national language when small 6 grades, mother once was called me to attend the safe young and clever. computer games competition which their company managed, had not thought I have unexpectedly taken second, obtained bonus ten thousand Yuan well, at that time I really happily obtains.

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    12 years old of this year, I am personal to like to play basketball,badminton very much, my family the member has sixes, respectively BE:Grandpa,grandmother,father,mother,younger sister with I, my grandpa talks always very funny, because he is a Zhejiang person I small time he sometimes will speak some stories to hear for me, my grandmother is all very hard everyday, because he wants to do laundry,wipe ground,cook rice the … , my father is free and then plays the Chin chess and plays badminton with me, my mother works everyday always the favour goes to just come back very late, and my younger sister, she sometimes has been fighting with me, because my Chinese Zodiac Sign belongs to the chicken her Chinese Zodiac Sign to belong to the dog The common saying says:The chicken flies the dog to jump, so we then would fight.I still remembered me the small time to tip over the thermos bottle at mother's room hence I cry very miserably, the most favorite animal in my this whole life is the Do Do of my house, it is a big tortoise, I will put it to climb on the ground.Small grade 6 when I study in the national language, mother has ever called me attend the game of the insurance elf computer game that their company does Unexpectedly I took in the second place unexpectedly, acquiring the cash award 10,000 dollars, at that time I am really very excited to acquire 10,000 dollars, through that thing, I really am an eternal life difficult forget.Remember me the small time, mother takes nipple for me to eat, but at that time I must eat to look exactly alike of otherwise I go to the veranda to vomit it for the meeting or vomit it on the ground, feel those things is really funny now.Grade six hour I attended the glee club to sing a song the ratio to play the flute much more pretty, I the song that excel most to sing is a pop song, I like most to eat the hamburger,chips,snack, but because I have been growing the pimple so I did not eat again Shed tears there and then when I graduate, feel very not willing to give up to leave the old school at that time, but be putting this period of summer vacation, suddenly want to understand the campus environment of promoting teachings the junior high school, hence mother brings me to visit on the spot once, the school ground that promote teachings unexpectedly is so big, the junior high school has a class of that kind of atmosphere certainly more more nervous than elementary school, hope I at junior high school can express more outstanding

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