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    We this from childhood test go big country, many collegers are from elementary school start go to study English, on country in, senior high school, much more almost everyone mends English, every day test English, test hold in the palm happiness test all still remediation strengthen, but but test Asia count down, so is many energy money after at spent, ordinary university raw English extent still general won't work.

    What cause be this on earth? A sentence is anyhow, we learn English is for exam, but is not at "Learn English ".

    English have never shoulded be a examination subject, but a communicate unfasten foreign country culture knowledge tool, is a interesting useful thing again, so should not use cold cold exam to learn English; But open mouth practise learn thing as beg to can use first, exam anti- but collateral branch (of a family) minor details' matter, if English really learn from good examples, exam's achievements is certainly good.

    And exam still have two grave sequelas :1, make many students change become exam but study, do not test then not read naturally, do not cultivate come out custom with interest, tests university after do not want again Peng English .2, exam have achievements' problem, test get a goal number not good nature humiliation, very be afraid of English; Even if test good, because oversight to open mouth too, use English time change very nervous, frighten make mistakes.

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    Our this from the midterm exam to the big country, the ornamental hairpin h university student is studies since childhood starts to go to school English, on in the country, the high school, nearly everybody makes up English, tested English daily, including tested receives help tests all also must enroll in supplementary lessons strengthens, but actually tested an Asia to count backwards, after has spend the such many energy money, the common university student's English degree or was not generally good. What reason is this? We study English are after all for take a test, but is not in "study English". English should not be a test subject, but is a communication understood the foreign culture knowledge the tool, is an interesting useful thing, therefore should not use the icy test to study English; But is first opens the mouth to practice to study the thing can use in order to, the test instead is the collateral branch little matter, if English has really learned, the test result as soon as arranges. Moreover takes a test also has two serious sequelae: 1st, causes the ornamental hairpin h student to change into the test to study, does not test naturally does not read, has not raised the custom and the interest, will be admitted to a university later not to want again to bump English. 2nd, the test has the result the question, tests the score not good nature to lose face, even more is afraid English; Even if tests well, when because oversight to open mouth too, with English changes very much anxiously, feared makes a mistake.

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