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[ Help ]-Travel to New Orleans

Does anyone have ever been there ?

I need some information about lodging.

like any cheap hotels or YMCA...

which is near the " French Quater ".

since I have no car, what kind of transportation I can use ?

I think I'll arrive at the Louis Armstrong international airport.

how can I get to the hotel or the YMCA ?

I plan to go there on next Monday.

so....please give me more information as soon as you can !!

thanks !! ^_^

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    You can find some hostels from this page:

    "The Patio Motel" looks OK. It offers private room (from $14.75). There's Bus line on Tulane Ave. You can take the bus to French Quarter.

    "St. Vincent's Guesthouse" also offers private room (from $25). It's not far from the famous street car (St. Charles Ave. line). The street car can bring you to French Quarter.

    "St. Vincent's Guesthouse" is in a better (safer) district. However, there's no photo to see the accommodation condiction.

    Once you arrive the Airport, you can take Airport Shuttle to get in town. Or, you can take the bus (along with Airline Highway / Tulane Ave.) to reach New Orleans City.

    If you will stay at "The Patio Motel", it's better you get off the bus at somewhere before the cross of Tulane Ave. and S. Broad St. Here's the map:

    If you'll stay at "St. Vincent's Guesthouse", take the street car (St. Charles Ave. Line) from Canal St. in downtown to a stop around around the cross with Felicity St. And, "St. Vincent's Guesthouse" is about three or four blocks away on the left side. Here's the map:

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