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娜塔莉 shiver的歌詞  ..15點..

如題~~娜塔莉 等愛時分 shiver的歌詞





Cos when you

Tell me, Tell me, Tell me

Stupid things, like you do


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    ShiverI walk a mile with a smile我以微笑走一英哩And I don't know並且我不知道I don't care where I am我不在乎我在哪兒But I know it's alright但我知道它是行的Jump the tracks , Can't get back跳躍軌道, 不能回來I don't know anyone around here我不知道任何人在這裡附近But I'm safe this time但我是這時候是安全的Cos when youTell me, Tell me, Tell meStupid things, like you doYes, I是的我Have to, have to, have to必須去.必須去.必須去.Change the rules改變規則I can't lose我不能輸Cause I shiver由於我顫抖I just break up我就破壞When I'm near you當我靠近你It all gets out of hand它全部不可收拾Yes I shiver是我顫抖I get bent upThere's no way that這是沒有原因的I know you'll understand我知道你會了解We talk and talk我們談了有談'round it all圍繞於此Who'd have thought誰會認為We'd end up here我們結果會在這裡But I'm feeling fine但我感到美好In a rush在倉促Never trust從未信任You'll be there您將在那裡If I'd only stop and take my time如果我會停止和只會花些我的時間Cos with youI'm running, running, running我跑, 跑, 跑, Somewhere I can't get to我無法某處達到Yes I have to have to have to是的我必須去.必須去.必須去.Change the rules改變規則I'm with you我和你在一起What if you get off at the next stop若您獲取下中止Would you just wave us I'm drifting off您正義會揮動我們我漸漸離開And if I never saw you again並且如果我從未再看您Could I keep all of this inside 予許我保留所有在這裡面

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