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    1.The work-study program completes two special studies, although is laborious, but also has obtained.

    2.Family circumstances Pu Pu, the life is pure

    3.Maintains the technician

    4.Lives counter consults and takes action the reinforcing steel to hit the water and electricity, air conditioning, the fire project, station engineer, from begins to finishes turns over to guarantees solidly

    5.Front is appointed work site acting director from to disappear examines to finishes the reassignment

    6.Supports engineer from to disappear examines to begins

    7.Lets one do as he pleases in the earthwork landlord begins to finishes

    8.Regarding the work cognition, I thought no matter is any work all should have the responsible manner, the processing matter surface should be in all directions, by no means only perforated front sees, this domain, is just like the building is a body in particular, then the water and electricity, the fire prevention, are this body main center system, therefore the processing matter depth, the breadth extremely important if are all deep must be broad, the experience is the best support basis

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    1. Part work, part study finish two special schoolwork, though is hardworking, but to some extent too.  2. Family circumstances is Pu Pu, life innocently 3. Maintenance technician 4. Live consult do steel adverseness beat water and electricity, air-condition, fire-fighting engineering, engineer station, from start working to finish working give over to protect solid 5. Assignment building site agent director from disappear check front to finish working give over 6. Support engineering follows disappear check to inaugurate 7. Station director building site from start working to finish working 8. Towards working cognition, I think in spite of is what job all due owe duty attitude, disposal matter's face should be all directions, not nothing but at present see, is this domain especially, is just like building be a body, so water and electricity, fire-fighting, is this body's centrum system namely, reason dispose matter's depth, scope all Important if want deep want widely quite, experience is optimum support basis namely

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    1.The work-study program completes studies of the 2-year junior college, although pain, also have.

    2.The financial situation , the life simplicity

    3.Maintain the technician

    4.Living the business does the steel bar backhander water electricity,air condition,fire fight engineering and halts a ground of engineer, handing over from start work to the completion of work to warranty

    5.Allowing the workplace acts for the director from eliminate the check to left for the completion of work handover

    6.Supporting the engineer checks from eliminate to open

    7.Halt a ground of workplace director from start work to the completion of work

    8.For the cognition for working, I think ignore is what works should have the responsible attitude, handling thing's facing should be an all directions, only having not at present sees, comparing to the building particularly this realm, is a body, so the water gives or gets an electric shock,fire fight,is the axis system of this body, the depth of the past processing thing,wide the degree is all

    Extremely important if want to want deeply widely, the experience is to support the basis the bestly

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