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像是 some help ...

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    根據Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Dictionary,您的問題可從help的兩個意義去看。(1) 如果當抽象可數名詞,表示「幫忙」,可以不加:help1: things you do to make it easier or possible for someone to do something.She finished her thesis without help.Old people may need help decorating their homes. Ask for help if necessary.You may be able to ask for help with the rent.此時任何冠詞,所有格,或量詞均可以不使用。(2) 如果當人或物,指能提供幫忙的人或物之時,則要加:help2: if someone or something is a help to you, they are useful and make it easier for you to do something.You are a great help to me.Any information would be a great help.You've been a real help to me, Carrie.參考資料:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Dictionary.  2003.  Harlow, Essex: pearson Education Limited.

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    Ask for help if necessary.

    Thank you for your help.

    Help was needed to get the work done earlier.

    I hope I can be of any help here.

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