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Orange County 有甚麼好玩的?







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    你看是Orange County ㄉ哪州


    看這邊 我有話<<< >>ㄉ..都是


    Points of interest

    The area's warm Mediterranean climate and miles of year-round beaches attract millions of tourists annually. <<Huntington Beach>> is a hot spot for sunbathing and surfing; nicknamed "Surf City, U.S.A.", it is home to many surfing competitions. Other tourist destinations include the <<theme parks Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim and Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park>>. <<Little Saigon>> is another notable tourist destination, being home to the largest concentration of Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam.

    Notable structures include the <<Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove>>, the largest house of worship in California; the historic <<Balboa Pavilion [1] in Newport Beach; the Huntington Beach Pier; and the restored Mission San Juan Capistrano.>>

    Some of the most exclusive (and expensive) neighborhoods in the U.S. are located here, many along the Orange Coast. Large shopping malls exist throughout the county, such as the Irvine Spectrum Center, South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and The Block in Orange.

    Historical points of interest include <<Mission San Juan Capistrano >>(destination of migrating swallows), and the <<Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace (the only privately-controlled presidential library in the nation since the government began constructing these libraries in 1939) in Yorba Linda>>. The <<Nixon Home>>> is a National Historic Landmark, as is the home of a very different character, Madam Helena Modjeska, in Modjeska Canyon on Santiago Creek.

    The Anaheim Angels, which still play in the county as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, won the World Series in 2002. The county's National Hockey League team, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, lost the 2003 Stanley Cup finals after winning three games in a seven-game series. NFL football left the county when the Los Angeles Rams relocated to St. Louis in 1996, but Anaheim city leaders are currently in talks with the NFL to bring a franchise back to Orange County.

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    Orange County (橙郡) 景點如下

    1. Disneyland (迪士尼樂園): 是 Orange County 甚至也可以稱為世界首屈一指的主題樂園. 在 I-5 公路上可以看到指標. 其實不一定小孩才去玩, 大人也可以讓自己年輕一下.

    (需要時間: 半天至一天)

    2. California Adventure (加州冒險樂園): 為於 Disneyland 旁邊, 設備較新也較富刺激性, 較適合年輕朋友. 尤其是裡面的 Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 可以挑戰你的膽量. 如果 Disneyland 也想一起玩的話可以買 Park Hopper 門票比較便宜.

    (需要時間: 半天至一天)

    3. Crystal Cathedral (玻璃水晶大教堂) - 13280 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove

    水晶大教堂為現代美學代表. 適合對特殊建築有興趣的朋友.

    (需要時間: 半天內)

    4. Laguna Beach (拉古那海灘) - 並不只是一般的海邊風光. 貴為藝術小鎮的她, 有許多的畫廊, 露天咖啡以及特殊小店. 在露天咖啡店一邊欣賞小鎮風光, 伴著黃昏日落美景, 不失一種享受. 情侶很適合來喔!

    (需要時間: 半天)

    5. Fashion Island (流行島) - Shopping 不一定得買東西. 除了熱鬧的人潮, 精美的櫥窗外, Fashion Island 內的噴水池以及充滿綠意的白色籐架小道, 時尚中多了一些輕鬆自然.

    (需要時間: 半天內)

    建議兩天行程 -

    第一天可以選擇 Disneyland 或是 California Adventure (體力夠, 腳程快的話就兩個都玩)

    第二天早上先去 Crystal Cathedral 之後到 Fashion Island 小逛後可以在 Mall裡面的California Pizza 點個北京烤鴨口味 pizza 或是 泰式 pizza , 選靠窗位置一邊用餐, 一邊居高欣賞海景. 下午到 Laguna Beach 海邊清鬆散步, 逛逛小店, 順便找個露天咖啡店小酌一杯咖啡. 傍晚時找個海邊餐廳欣賞美食及黃昏美景. (目前大概八點才日落, 所以差不多七點左右到餐廳)

    Source(s): Orange County Visitor Guide + 豌豆旅遊經驗
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