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    1. to take advantage of (something or someone)

    a. 利用(指東西) to take advantage of an opportunity 利用機會

    b. 欺騙(指人) to take advantage of one's friend 欺騙朋友

    2. to take after 像

    She takes after her mother. 她像她母親

    3. to take in 觀賞

    to take in a movie 看電影

    4. to take off

    a. 脫去 to take off one's shoes (hat) 脫鞋(帽)

    b. 起飛 Three airplanes took off. 三架飛機起飛

    c. 移開 Take your hands off me. 把手移開

    d. 減去 Can you take $5 off the price? 你能把價格減少五元嗎?

    5. to take on

    a. 承擔 to take on extra work 承擔額外工作

    b. 流行 The song took on overnight. 那首歌一夜之間即成名歌

    6. to take one's time 慢慢做

    You can take your time to pay the debt you owe me. 你欠我的債可以慢慢還

    7. to take out

    a. 去掉 to take out a stain 去除一污斑

    b. 邀請 He took out my sister now and then. 他不時邀請我的妹妹出去

    c. 出發 They took out for the nearest beach. 他們出發前往最近的海灘

    8. to take over 接管

    to take over a business 接管事業

    9. to take part in 參加

    John takes part in many school activities. 約翰參加了許多學校裡的活動

    10. to take place 發生

    Where did the accident take place? 這事故在何處發生的?

    11. to take the place of 代替

    Who will take the place of Mr. Smith? 誰將代替史密斯先生?

    12. to take to 喜歡.耽於

    to take to drinking 耽於飲酒

    13. to take up

    a. 佔用 The work takes up too much time. 這項工作佔用太多的時間

    b. 吸收 Sponge takes up water. 海綿吸水

    14. to take ... into account 把...列入考慮

    We must take his report into account. 我們應當考慮他的報告

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    1.take after 仿效 相像

    2.take apart 拆開;詳細分析研究;狠揍;把....打扁(俚語)

    3.take back 收回(所說的或所寫的事)

    4.take down 拿下;拆開;挫....的銳氣;記下

    5.take for 把...視為;誤認為

    6.take off 脫掉;打折;帶走;起飛;取消;休假

    7.take up 舉起;付清(債務);接受所提供的(選擇 堵住 挑戰);重新開始;用盡;喜愛

    8.take account of 把..納入考量

    9.take away from 減少 減弱

    10.take heart 充滿信心或勇氣


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