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    The "role marketing is not only the creation lovable hypothesized character image, but also must draw up each item take the role as the central strategy, no matter is from the role choice to the core concept design, the whole marketing and the public relations activity and so on 整合性 the marketing strategy, without doubt all is the enormous project. Officially goes on the market before the commodity, the enterprise group is unable from the correlation data, knows for certain the consumer regarding the hypothesized role manner as well as the faith, promotes the role commodity in the such unknown situation, will increase naturally the enterprise company the investment risk. Also therefore, the role marketing needs to consume the enormous cost as well as to undertake the essential risk to develop. However, if succeeds portrays the image which the cartoon character will speak on another's behalf, then, its displays the economic efficiency will be also limitless. The penetration role marketing technique, might easily pull closer distance between the commodity and consumer's.

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    "Role marketing not only just create lovely dummy melt figure image, still must draw up each item as role act for central tactic, no matter from role's choice go core conceptual designer, whole's marketing and public relation activity and so on integration sex marketing policy, is all tremendous engineering doubtless. Formally appear on market before at commodity, trust can not from relative data among, to knows consumer towards dummy role's attitude and faith true, under this unknown situation launch role commodity, will increase naturally enterprise corporate investment risk. So is too, role marketing need costs tremendous cost and bear develop to necessary risk. But, if success make come out cartoon character take place speech shape Xiang, so, it exert economic benefits will limitless too. Permeate role marketing's technic, will can pull near commodity's distance with consumer between easily. "

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    Character marketing does not only depend on the cute appearance of cyber character images, it also relies on the strategy on which the character is built. From the concept of the design to the overall presentation to the market, these are no doubt extreme hard work. Before the product is introduces into the market, business organizations are unable to guess consumers' attitudes toward this character. This factor adds risks into businesses. As a result, character marketing needs a tremendous amount of investment and risk-taking to develop successfully. However, if a popular character was to be made, its ability to bring in profit could be nearly unlimited. Through the correct method of character marketing, the distance between a product and a consumer may be greatly reduced.

    I tried my best...but I am not quite familiar with this subject so some proper terms may not be accurate...none the less, hope I contributed in helping you ^^y

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