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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂電影 · 2 decades ago






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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago
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    不知道是不是你要找的 已經寄到你信箱了When You Come Back To Me Agian by Garth Brooksthere's a ship out on the ocean at the mercy of the seaIt's been tossed about lost and broken wandering aimlesslyAnd god, somehow you know that ship is meBecause there's a lighthouse in a harbor shining faithfullyPouring it's light out across the water for this sinking soul to seeThat someone out there still believes in meChorus:On a prayer in a songI hear your voice and it keeps me hanging onRaining down agianst the windI'm reaching out until we reach the circle's endWhen you come back to me agianThere's a moment that we all come toIn our time and our own placeWhere all that we've done we can undoIf our heart's in the right placeRepeat chorusAgain and again i seeMy yesterdays in front of meUnfolding like a mysteryYou're changing all that is and used to beRepeat chorus

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