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(緊急)英文解釋 yell loudly---------scream break something into pieces--------split

3.something used to fasten boards together-------screw rub hard while washing--------scrub scatter water in all directions------splash

6.a very thin piece of wood------splinter

7.something used on doors and windows to keep bugs out-------screen

8.a piece of something that is left over------scrap


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    1. 放聲大笑或放聲大哭

    2. 劈開或切開

    3. 螺絲釘

    4. 用力擦洗

    5. 濺起水花

    6. 小碎木片

    7. 紗窗或紗門

    8. 從報紙上所剪下的資料或圖片

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    1.高聲號叫 ---------尖聲喊叫

    2.打碎某些事情 --------劈開

    3.過去常常把板固定在一起的事情 -------螺絲

    4.在洗時嚴重地擦 --------擦洗

    5.四面八方散佈水 ------飛濺

    6.一根非常薄的木頭 ------碎片

    7.某些事情被在門窗上使用不許缺陷入內 -------螢幕

    8.被延遲的某些事情 ------廢料

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