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Irene在 希臘文是 和平 的意思


還有什麼英文名也有 和平 的意涵

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    Allene Celtic/Gaelic Attractive, Peaceful

    Amandeep Hindu light of peace

    Amina Muslim peace, security

    An Chinese peace

    Aquene Native American peace

    Chamomile American Peace, Spice

    Chesna Slavic peaceful

    Chessa Slavic Peaceful

    Dembe Ugandan peace

    Eirene Greek peace

    Erasto African Man of Peace

    Erin Celtic/Gaelic peace, western island

    Farica German Chief of Peace

    Frederika Old German peaceful ruler

    Fredrica German Peace

    Fredricka German Peaceful ruler

    Frieda Old German peace, joy

    Gzifa African Peaceful One

    Iren Greek Peace

    Irene Greek peace

    Jereni Slavic Peaceful

    Kasmira Old Slavic demands peace

    Liannaka N/A bringer of Peace, hope

    Livi Latin Olive Branch, Peace

    Malia Hawaiian Calm and peaceful)

    Malu Hawaiian peacefulness

    Miremba Ugandan peace

    Mona Latin, Greek, Gaelic, Italian peaceful; individual; noble one; my lady

    Olive Old Norse, Latin, Old French kind one; olive tree, peace

    Olivia Latin Peace - of the olive tree

    All those names has Peace in their meanings. Hope you like one of them. I like Erin the most...

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    KK: []

    DJ: []

    n. (名詞 noun)

    1. 蜜德莉(女子名,涵義:和善的顧問;溫柔的;和善的)

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