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    I just now talked over with our plants manager, before he says we is a 2 cavities for the moldind that the expensive department makes, and anticipates with the steel of the P-5, I also re- saw you give my data, you only 50,000 shots molding tool life, and our suggestion also uses the P-5 equally to be this steel to anticipate.Or you have a little bit better son.We will the manufacture direction and quality request of this case of the careful consideration

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    品質要求 = quality control

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    Just discussed with the leader of the factory, who mentioned that the moldind we make for you is with 2 cavities for P-5 steel.

    Again, I reviewed the information from you that the life time of the mold demanded is for 50,000 shots.

    The suggestion is, therefore, to use P-5 for this production. Or, you have better idea?

    Stands in a serious matter, we will include it under consideration of the production and quality issues.

    沒有完全依照原文翻譯, 主要是因為英文的語法跟中文不大一樣. 如果完全按照原文, 感覺上怪怪的.

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    I had discussed it with our factory director, he said we used to make 2 cavity moldind, and used P-5 steel for material. I had reviewed the data u gave me, you just need the 50,000 shots' life of module, so we recommend p-5 steel as material. If u got good ideas, we will consider it seriously.


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    After discussed with our factory manager, he mentioned that the moldind we made for you was 2cavity of stainless material. Since you have requested 50,000 shot mold lasting according to your information, so we suggest that to use P-5 in stainless material too. We would put it into considerations if you have better idea for the process and quality requirement.

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