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    The Old Man and the Sea [ 老人與海 ] by Ernest Hemingway 敦煌書局1. I may not be as strong as I think.我也許沒有像我自己以為的那樣強健。2. Age is my alarm clock. 年齡是我的鬧鐘。3. He only dreamed of places now and of the lions on the beach.如今他只會夢見各處的地方和海灘上的獅子。4. The old man looked up and saw that the bird was circling again.老人抬起頭來,看見那鳥兒又開始在天空盤旋。5. He smelled the smell of Africa that the land breeze brought at morning.他聞到晨間的微風吹過非洲大地的氣息。6. The fish moved steadily and they travelled slowly on the calm water.這些魚穩定地移動著,慢慢地遊過平靜的水面。7. I can do nothing with hime and he can do nothing with me.我沒辦法對它怎樣,它也對我沒輒。8. No one should be alone in their old age.上了年紀的人,是不應該獨處的。9. The bird made the stern of the boat and rested there.鳥兒飛向船尾,在那裡歇息著。10. He looked across the sea and knew how alone he was now.他放眼環顧整個大海,瞭解到他現在非常地孤獨。The Great Gatsby [ 大亨小傳 ]by F. Scott Fitzgerald 敦煌書局1. Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window.如果只透過一扇窗觀看生活的話,那麼它看起來就會顯得成功多了。2. She laughed again, as if she said something very witty.她又笑了起來,彷彿她說了些什麼機智的話一樣。3. Don't believe everything you hear.不要相信你聽到的每件事。4. Her husband had photographed her a hundred and twenty-seven times since they had been married.自從她的老公和她結婚後,已經幫她照了一百二十七次的相。5. I had to pretend to be looking at the advertisement over his head.我必須假裝正瞧著他頭上方的廣告。6. I never care what I do, so I always have a good time.我從不在乎我的行為,所以我總是很開心。7. She was not only singing, she was weeping too.她不僅在唱歌,她也一邊哭泣著。8. I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes.有時,我會覺得有一種難以擺脫的寂寞感。9. I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known.我是我認識的人當中,少數幾個比較誠實的人之一。10. She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me.她嫁給你的唯一原因是,當時我很窮而且她也厭倦了不斷的等待。請注意,有些句法並不正確,但這是原作者的用詞,所以照用不評。

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