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在使用"microsoft look2003"(非 outlook express )時,如果一封信有許多附件,有沒有指令或設定可以讓它全部印出來,不要一個一個選?我不知是印表機的問題?因為目前我是找不到這樣便捷的方式.

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    我以前有寫過一個Outlook VBA可以把所有附件存起來, 可是我不知道要怎麼把他們印出來, 給你參考一下:

    Sub SaveAttachmenttoDesktopTemp()

    Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

    Set myItem = myOlApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem

    Set myattachments = myItem.Attachments


    For i = 1 To myattachments.Count

    myattachments.Item(i).SaveAsFile "C:\temp\" & myattachments.Item(i).DisplayName

    Next i

    End Sub

    Function MakeFolder()

    On Error GoTo MakeIt

    Call FileDateTime("C:\temp")

    Exit Function


    MkDir "C:\temp"

    End Function




    Print Tools for Outlook version 1.4

    他很棒, 可以印出本文和附件





    Print Tools for Outlook version 1.4

    Category: Utilities :::: 489

    Print Tools for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook add-in. It will help you automatically print incoming and outgoing messages with attachments (as well as messages and attachments separately) without even opening them. The plug-in automatically unpacks and prints packed ZIP and RAR attachments, and supports manual and automatic working modes. Program settings necessary for the automatic working mode intuitively clear and they are few.

    Messages printed with Print Tools look exactly the same as those printed with the standard means of Microsoft Outlook. But the plug-in makes up for some of its shortcomings. Thus, you have to change the format of an HTML message to RTF or TXT to be able to print the message with the list of attachments, because none of Microsoft Outlook versions adds the list of attachments to the message header in the HTML format. Using Print Tools, you can forget about this problem.

    Using Microsoft Outlook rules together with the Print Tools plug-in allows you to create a system that will automatically print messages and/or files attached to them. Although Microsoft Outlook has a standard printing rule, you can neither specify (or forbid) specific file types nor print an attachment separately from its message.

    Print Tools makes it possible to print any message and attachment (as well as Notes, Tasks, etc.) of any format. To start printing, just click the Print Tools button on the Microsoft Outlook toolbar.

    The program is ready to work right after you install it. Make your work with correspondence easier!

    Made in: Seattle, USA. OS Supported: Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000.

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