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mergeable or mergable

可以被合併的英文是 mergeable 或 mergable 或 merge-able ??

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    mergeable 或 mergable 都未被字典定義,但在 IEEE 國際性組織的文件中曾用 non-mergeable 的拼法。其實mergable也有人用,不過你在英文YAHOO上搜尋,mergeable 有32,100個,mergable只有7,970個;在GOOGLE搜尋mergable只有4,000個,還會建議你改做mergeable(結果有15,100個),可見mergeable的拼法使用度較高。merged是已經合併的,和 mergeable "可合併的" (在評估階段會用到)意義不同,無法混用。Ref:TTTC Embedded Core Test IEEE P1500 Working Group MeetingLocation: LogicVision, San Jose, CAFriday September 12, 1997   -  The missions / goals of the group and task force were reviewed:       1. Goal of IEEE P1500, as set in earlier meetings:          Standardize the information model and test interface           (access and control) between a non-mergeable embedded core          and its host (the system-on-chip or next level of core),          in order to facilitate core TEST interoperability          (plug-and-play) and hence improve the efficiency of core          providers, users and manufacturers.出處:

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    Interesting website!!

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