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Joking only assy 是什意思

可否請問一個英文句子,這是我從英國人口中聽到的,一直想不透它的意思,是否有人可以幫我回答一下, "Joking only assy" ,謝謝~


so can i ask one more question...what is the meaning of "assy"?

Update 2:

i'm sure the word of "assy" is not "lassy"... does anyone know the accurate meaning and explain to m...thank u.....

Update 3:

he's really not a formal word..just the spoken language..i want 2 know coz it's important 2 m....anyway thank u for response...still welcome any possible answer....

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    "assy"? 會不會是 "lassy" 啊﹖年輕女孩的意思

    Joking only, lassy. 只是說笑的﹐小姐



    Could it be "I see" then?

    "Joking only, I see." 原來只是開個玩笑啊﹗

    I've never heard of the word "assy", and I'll be interested to learn of its meaning as well, if it truly exists.


    ETA: In response to i think i know's post below...

    You're right, I suppose the word could be explained that way, however, to use it in the context of the original poster's sentence is rather odd. I still lean towards the notion that he/she misheard, if ever so slightly.

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    Assy means ass-like, smelly, or terrible.

    For example:

    This theatre reeks an assy smell.

    sis => sissy is a similar example, which means girl-like.


    Yes, to be honest, I hardly hear people use this word if ever. It's more of a spoken word; I don't think you can find it in a dictionary.

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    只 是 開 個 玩 笑 而 已 ~

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