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如果沒有錢請律師 國家會提供嗎




SuperJim 可不可以要你的mail.謝謝

Update 2:

我已經寄信給你了.麻煩你看一下.對不起有點長. 如果變成亂碼.請轉成Unicode(UTF-8)來看. 麻煩你了.謝謝!

Update 3:

我算是學生.沒賺一毛錢. 國家也可以給我律師嗎.

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    Sorry, can you email it to I'll look it over for you.  But keep in mind, the court will only appoint you a public defender for criminal cases.在美國打官司貴不貴 Depends -  Whether this is a civil case or criminal case, it also depends on the lawyers or law firms.  Some charge more because they have more experience and well known.  Some charge less because they just started.  But all in all, it's a pretty expensive process. Usually, to complete a case from start to settlement (sentencing) you're probably looking at least a thousand  and up.需要花多久時間 Depends on whether this is a civil case or criminal case as well.  Criminal case usually is more speedy than civil case, due to our consitutional right to speedy trial.  Civil case on the other hand can be delayed to no end.如果沒有錢請律師 國家會提供嗎 Yes, if your income is deemed low by some standard, approx. $25,000 annual income and below, you will have a public defender appoint to you.  It's part of our constitutional right to have a lawyer represent you as well.還有什麼需要知道How to prepare certain civil case varies widely from one law to others, and not to mention the difference of civil to criminal cases.  Not until you tell me what kind of case you're thinking of filing, there is no way I can answer this question for you.

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