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請幫我解答93年學測的英文作文 急 *20點*



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    以下是小弟根據該年題目的創作,敬請參考,並惠予指教。One evening, I attended one of my friends' wedding ceremony.  His family had a great feast for this. Since I was a foreigner, my friend and his family treated me very hospitably. So, I had a lot of drink. I knew I should not have been like that. But, I was too happy to control myself. At 10 o'clock around, the feast was about to be over. So, I said goodbye, wished my friend and his bride a happy marriage, and then left. When I stood by the roadside and waved my hand, a taxi pulled over. I told the driver that I wanted to go downtown. But, the driver seemed quite annoyed for some reason I did not understand then. He shouted angrily at me and insisted that I get off. I refused. How could a taxi driver treat a passenger like that? So, I argued with him. But then, I felt dizzier and dizzier. When I finally pulled myself together, I found myself in a police station. The policemen there all stared at me. I asked one of them what had happened. He hit the ceiling at once and asked me who I was and what I was doing an hour ago. I began to collect myself now and somehow I felt his face grew more and more familiar. Wasn't he the taxi driver? No, he was a policeman! I had got on a police car, not a taxi!

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