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    2.Duplicates the humanity if to say is the medicine subject was inferior

    to said is the moral subject

    3.When an apple falls to Newton on, he has discovered the earth's


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    1.He walked in like a wind, had a cup of coffee and then walked away also like the wind.

    2.Duplicating human-beings is more of an ethical issue than a medical issue.

    3.Newton discovered the Law of Gravity when an apple dropped on his head.

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    1. He walked in complacently, drank a cup of coffee and left as the wind.

    2. Human clonning is rather a moral than a medical issue.

    3. When an apple fell on Newton's head, he discovered the earth's gravity.

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    1.He entered walking going into raptures, drank one cup of coffee, temporarily went nothing but, and walked. 2. Agenda of medicine agenda moralistic to reproduce human race When 3.1 apples got depressed heads of the newton, he discovered gravity.

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