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I was graduated from NTOU and get a Master's degree. I was majors in Microbiology and my professional technical ability was determining microorganisms in foods. My Master's thesis was “ooooo”.

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    I graduated from National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) and got a Master's degree. I majored in Microbiology and my professional technical ability is to determine microorganisms in foods. My Master thesis was “ooooo”.

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    已經畢業了 論文也寫了 當然是用過去式囉 ;P

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    For Shannon and meowwwwwww: How about:

    I have got a degree of Master of science from National Taiwan Ocean University. I majored in Microbiology. I wrote my Master thesis on the title "ooooo". My specialty is determining the microorganisms in foodstuffs.

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    I’ve got a Master's degree in Microbiology from NTOU. My (professional) technical ability is to detect and verify microorganisms in food. I wrote my Master's thesis on “(title)”.




    我幫你把 "determine" 改成 "detect and verify"﹐因為 "determine" 後面要有下文﹐例﹕

    To determine microorganisms' EXSISTENCE in food


    To determine microorganisms' VERIATY in food

    "detect and verify" 就是“察覺與辨識”

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    Pretty good! The word "foodstuffs" is a good substitute for "food", I think. However, the first sentence seems to be unnecessarily long.

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    And the word "determining" still lacks definition. I'd prefer not to use it in this manner myself. Over all it's a good revisement, it most definitely looks like a completed paragraph now.

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    I graduate from NTOU in Master of Microbiology. My professional technical ability is to determine microorgnisms on food. The topic of my thesis was "....." in the graduate school.



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