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    .The Roman Hat Mystery 羅馬帽子的秘密 June, 1929

    .The French Powder Mystery June, 1930

    .The Dutch Shoe Mystery 荷蘭鞋子的秘密 August, 1931

    .The Tragedy of X January, 1932

    .The Greek Coffin Mystery 希臘棺材的秘密 1932

    .The Tragedy of Y  Y的悲劇 1932

    .The Egyptian Cross Mystery September, 1932

    .The Tragedy of Z  Z的悲劇 1933

    .The American Gun Mystery 美國槍的秘密 1933

    .Drury Lane's Last Case 1933

    .The Siamese Twin Mystery October, 1933

    .The Chinese Orange Mystery April, 1934

    .The Adventures of Ellery Queen 昆恩探案系列 November 1, 1934

    .The Spanish Cape Mystery 1935

    .The Lamp of God 1935

    .Halfway House 特倫頓小屋 1936

    .The Door Between 生死之門 1936-7

    .The Devil to Pay 1937-8

    .The Four of Hearts August, 1938

    .The Dragon's Teeth 龍牙 August, 1939

    .The New Adventures of Ellery Queen November, 1939

    .Adventure of the Last Man Club 1940

    .Ellery Queen, Master Detective 1941

    .The Penthouse Mystery 1941

    .Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire 1942

    .Calamity Town April, 1942

    .The Perfect Crime 1942

    .The Four of Hearts Mystery (novelization) 1942

    .There Was an Old Woman March, 1943

    .The Murderer is a Fox May, 1945

    .The Casebook of Ellery Queen 1945

    .Ten Days' Wonder October, 1948

    .Cat of Many Tails September, 1949

    .Double, Double June, 1950

    .The Origin of Evil April, 1951

    .Calendar of Crime January, 1952

    .The King is Dead May, 1952

    .The Golden Summer March, 1953

    .The Scarlet Letters May, 1953

    .The Glass Village August, 1954

    .Q.B.I. January, 1955

    .Inspector Queen's Own Case 1956

    .The Finishing Stroke 1958

    .Dead Man's Tale October, 1961

    .Quintin Chivas (by Barnaby Ross) 1961?

    .Death Spins the Platter June, 1962

    .The Scrolls of Lysis (by Barnaby Ross) 1962

    .Murder With a Past February, 1963

    .Kill as Directed August, 1963

    .The Player on the Other Side September, 1963

    .Wife or Death September, 1963

    .(Who Killed) The Golden Goose February, 1964

    .And on the Eighth Day March, 1964

    .The Duke of Chaos (by Barnaby Ross) April, 1964

    .The Four Johns 1964

    .Blow Hot, Blow Cold June, 1964

    .International Casebook 1964

    .The Last Score November, 1964

    .Beware the Young Stranger May, 1965

    .The Copper Frame June, 1965

    .The Cree From Minatree (by Barnaby Ross) 1965

    .A Room to Die In Fall, 1965

    .Strange Kinship (by Barnaby Ross) September, 1965

    .The Killer Touch October, 1965

    .The Fourth Side of the Triangle October, 1965

    .Where is Bianca? 1966

    .Queen's Full 1966

    .Who Spies, Who Kills? 1966

    .A Study in Terror (w/Sherlock Holmes) 1966

    .The Devil's Cook April, 1966

    .Losers, Weepers July, 1966

    .The Madman Theory August, 1966

    .Why So Dead? 1966

    .Shoot the Scene 1966

    .The Passionate Queen (by Barnaby Ross) Fall, 1966

    .Face to Face 1967

    .How Goes the Murder? 1967

    .Which Way to Die? 1967

    .Q.E.D. -- Queen's Experiments in Detection 1968

    .Cop Out 1968

    .What's in the Dark? 1968

    .Guess Who's Coming to Kill You? 1968

    .The House of Brass 1968

    .The Last Woman in His Life 1969

    .The Campus Murders 1969

    .Kiss and Kill April, 1969

    .The Black Hearts Murder 1970

    .A Fine and Private Place 1971

    .The Blue Movie Murders 1972

    .The Tragedy of Errors and Others 1999 (1971)

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    年代 英文名 中文譯名

    1929 The Roman Hat Mystery 羅馬帽子的秘密

    1930 The French Powder Mystery 法蘭西白粉的秘密

    1931 The Dutch Shoe Mystery 荷蘭鞋子的秘密

    1932 The Greek Coffin Mystery 希臘棺材的秘密

    1932 The Egyptian Cross Mystery 埃及十字架的秘密

    1932 The Tragedy of X X的悲劇

    1932 The Tragedy of Y Y的悲劇

    1933 The Tragedy of Z Z的悲劇

    1933 Drury Lane's Last Case 哲瑞‧雷恩的最後探案

    1933 The American Gun Mystery 美國槍的的秘密

    1933 The Siamese Twin Mystery 暹邏連體人的秘密

    1934 The Chinese Orange Mystery 中國橘子的秘密

    1935 The Spanish Cape Mystery 西班牙岬角的秘密

    1937 The Door Between  

    1938 The Four of Hearts 紅心四點

    1939 The Dragon's Teeth  

    1942 Calamity Town 災難之城

    1943 There Was an Old Woman 從前從前有個老女人

    1948 Ten Day's Wonder 十日驚奇

    1949 Cat of Many Tails 多尾貓

    1950 The Origin of Evil 惡之源

    1953 The Scarlet Letters  

    1954 The Glass Village 玻璃村莊

    1963 The Player on the Other Side 另一邊的玩家

    1964 And on the Eighth Day 然後在第八天

    其中X的悲劇、Y的悲劇 分別名列世界經典小說第九名及第一名,


    埃及十字架的秘密 則名列第七名

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    你可以參考這個網站 你面有很多喔~不過不ㄧ定都有翻譯成中文就是了~~

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