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百老匯經典歌劇歌劇魅影其經典名曲有哪些?不知道哪位大大能告訴我!! 還有其他問題需要幫忙,都在自我介紹中,謝謝!!

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    1 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA from Phantom Of The Opera 歌劇魅影之同名主題曲

    2 DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA from Evita 艾薇塔之阿根廷別為我哭泣

    3 ANOTHER SUITCASE IN ANOTHER HALL from Evita 艾薇塔之浪跡天涯

    4 AS IF WE NEVER SAID GOOD BYE from Sunset Boulevard 日落大道之恰似我們從不曾道過別離

    5 AMIGOS PARA SIEMPRE ( FRIENDS FOR LIFE) from The Barcelona Games 1992 巴塞隆納奧運會之永恆的朋友

    6 ANY DREAM WILL DO from Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 約瑟芬和神奇彩衣之夢想實現

    7 CLOSE EVERY DOOR from Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 約瑟芬和神奇彩衣之關上每扇門

    8 HALF A MOMENT from By Jeeves 僕人吉維斯之短暫的片刻

    9 I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM from Jesus Christ Superstar 萬世巨星之我不知如何去愛他

    10 THE PERFECT YEAR from Sunset Boulevard 日落大道之美好的年代

    11 SUNSET BOULEVARD from Sunset Boulevard 日落大道之同名主題曲

    12 THE MUSIC OF NIGHT from Phantom Of The Opera 歌劇魅影之今宵樂色

    13 WITH ONE LOOK from Sunset Boulevard日落大道之只是個眼神

    14 LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING from Aspects Of Love 愛的容顏之愛改變一切

    15 ONLY YOU from Starlight Express 星光快車之唯有你

    16 TELL ME ON SUNDAY from Song and Dance 歌舞昇平之星期天的答案

    17 ALL I ASK OF YOU from Phantom Of The Opera 歌劇魅影之你是我唯一的所求

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