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    第一張 All rise 1.All Rise2.Too Close3.This Temptation4.If You Come Back5.Fly By6.Bounce7.Long Time8.Make It Happen9.Back To You10.Girl I'll Never Understand11.Back Some Day12.Best In Me第二張 One Love 1.One Love2.Riders3.Supersexual4.Don't Treat Me Like A Fool5.She Told Me6.Right Here Waiting7.U Make Me Wanna8.Ain't Got You9.Flexin'10.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word11.Get Down12.Privacy13.Without You14.Invitation15.Like A Friend第三張 Guilty(罪愛) 1.Stand Up2.Signed sealed delivered im yours3.Taste it4.Guilty5.Bubblin6.Rock the night7.When summers gone8.Alive9.I wanna know10.Back it up11.Breathe easy12.Walk away13.Where you want me14.How a mans supposed to change15.No goodbyes第四張 Gift 1.Gift2.4 Play3.Whatever Happens4.Elements5.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest word(Solo Version)6.Breathe Easy(Alternative)7.Breathe Easy8.Bibbling9.If You Come Back10.Guilty第五張 Best of Blue(新歌加精選) 1.All Rise2.Too Close3.If You Come Back4.Fly By II5.One Love6.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word7.U Make Me Wanna8.Guilty9.SSD, I'm Yours10.Breathe Easy11.Bubblin'12.Curtain Falls13.Get Down on It14.Love at First Sight15.Best in Me 200416.One Love Sequal/One Love17.Gift18.If it Takes All Night19.After The Show20.Only Words I Know21.Long Time(Smooth Mix)以上五張台灣都有發行

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    1.All Rise[單片版]

    2.All Rise[加vcd的旗艦版]

    3.One Love[單片版]

    4.One Love[加vcd的旗艦版]



    7.Best of BLUE[雙片版是限量的..現在市面上是單片版]

    8.4ever BLUE[90天限量發售..CD有新歌加舊歌..DVD和VCD中是BLUE以前台灣未公開的畫面]

    Source(s): 我是他們的歌迷
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