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    雪梨歌劇院Sydney Opera House (當地地名:Sydney Opera House)


    To me it is a great joy to know how much the building is loved, by Australians in general and by Sydneysiders in particular. Jørn Utzon 2003Sydney Opera House is one of the architectural wonders of the world, perhaps the best known building of the 20th century with its design and construction involving countless innovative design ideas and construction techniques.The cultural, heritage and architectural importance of Sydney Opera House is protected by its inclusion in late 2003 on the State Heritage Register, exactly 30 years after its official opening.I think it became such a remarkable building because we never gave in until we had found the best solution on everything. Jørn Utzon 2003In 1999, original architect Jørn Utzon was re-engaged to develop a set of Design Principles to act as a guide for all future changes to the building. These principles reflect his vision for the building, laying the groundwork for the House to continue to develop and extend its activities without losing its architectural integrity.In 2001, the NSW Government provided $69.3million for several projects to improve the facilities and environment for performing arts companies, patrons and visitors. These projects seek to redress practical limitations affecting the day-to-day workings of Sydney Opera House while preserving its unique heritage. As time passes and needs change, it is natural to modify the building to suit the needs and technique of the day. Jørn Utzon 2000Jørn Utzon has agreed to be the Director-in-Charge, Master Architect and Concept Designer for these projects. This is believed to be an unprecedented situation - to have the architect of one of the world’s most iconic buildings back working on his creation more than 30 years after he was last involved. He is being assisted by his Denmark-based architect son, Jan, and leading Australian architect, Richard Johnson of Johnson Pilton Walker. These five projects will realise Utzon’s visions for the interiors of Sydney Opera House for the first time, as well as implement his fresh concepts for the western exterior of the building. The projects, which will be carried out over five years, include the Reception Hall, Western Loggia, Concert Hall and Opera Theatre.

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